philips epiq cvx



  • 60.6 cm
  • 146-171.5 cm
  • 109.2 cm
  • 104.3 kg
System dimensions


Monitor size
  • 54.6 cm
Degrees of movement
  • 180 degrees
Height adjustment
  • 25.4 cm
Control panel
Size Guides


Delivery and return
Delivery and return
Shipping Information
Shipping Information
Composition and care
Composition and care


philips epiq cvx

philips epiq cvx is a dedicated cardiac ultrasound solution which brings significant advancements in functionality. This helps you deliver better care through higher processing power, exceptional imaging with more clarity & sharpness, improved exam efficiencies, complemented by the proven, robust quantification capabilities of TOMTEC.

philips epiq cvx Transthoracic echo like you’ve never seen before

The X5-1c transducer combined with nSIGHT Plus and innovative design with its curved nose provides enhanced clinical information in 2D and 3D transthoracic imaging over a standard phased array transducer. The benefits may be decreased exam time due to faster access to echo windows, increased confidence in quantification results, and improved imaging especially of the more difficult structures.

philips epiq cvx Automation for robust, proven reproducible cardiac quantification in both 2D and 3D

Auto Measure AI provides fully automated 2D Doppler and length measurements. AutoStrain delivers fast, reproducible 2D strain quantification for the LV, LA and RV. Dynamic HeartModel and 3D Auto RV offer full 3D quantification for LV, LA and RV volumes and functional assessment. 3D Auto MV provides dynamic analysis of the mitral valve.

Photorealistic echo imaging with adjustable light source

Industry leading 3D image quality combined with photorealistic echo imaging with adjustable light source brings your 3D image alive, illuminating tissue detail and creating depth perception not achievable until now. Cardiac TrueVue has been designed to enhance communication with caregivers and can hence help with more efficient device placement.

A user interface designed for cardiology

An efficient, customizable user interface that, along with Dynamic HeartModel and AutoStrain LV provides an 8% faster standard TTE echo exam with an associated 21% reduction in interactions with the system.

A screen built to be seen

The 22-inch, 2nd generation OLED monitor on the Philips EPIQ CVxi gives you an image 38% larger than traditional ultrasound image with no loss of resolution. As well as a 180° viewing angle, it also delivers a greater dynamic range, and a wider colour range over its predecessor. This enhances your view of side-by-side, colour compare, xPlane, Live 3D, and MPRs even in bright environments like the cath lab.

A user interface designed for cardiovascular challenges

To keep your most-used controls where you want them, the Philips EPIQ CVxi has a user-configurable layout of the controls you’ve told us are most meaningful to you, and a tablet-like interface, letting you pinch, zoom and rotate even your 3D datasets. 86% of clinicians* who saw the new EPIQ CVxi thought that the new cardiac user interface would help make ultrasound guided procedures more streamlined**.


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