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iTero Element Flex Intraoral Scanner

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iTero Element Flex is a system allowing for quick and easy transfer between offices, enabling GPs and orthodontists the capacity to perform scans that are full-arch beyond the practice.

  • Estimated delivery time 14-30 days
  • 18 months warranty at Genuine Warranty Center.
  • Whats in the box: charging cable and block

Product details

iTero Element Flex Intraoral Scanner


iTero Element Flex is a system allowing for quick and easy transfer between offices, enabling GPs and orthodontists the capacity to perform scans that are full-arch beyond the practice.

The iTero Element Flex wand-only configuration is a portable scanner for transport from office to office, enabling doctors to leverage the power of chairside visualization. It is ideal for practices with multiple locations who want a scanner that’s convenient and easy to transport. Working using notebooks that are compatible, professionals are now able to scan everywhere, even at the smallest of operatories. The Element Flex contains a custom-designed carrying case.

The Element Flex, which is the choice includes a custom-designed carrying case, and allows for connectivity. Every scanner maintains the same capabilities as its predecessor.

Initially, intraoral scanning wands considered as difficult to use, and were bulky. Therefore, when it came time to make a purchasing decision clinicians chosen to forego it. Now, there are options provided by a vast assortment.

With the launch of this Element Flex, scans can be carried out directly onto notebooks, making scanning that was intraoral more mobile than ever before. However, that’s not the only invention in IOS scanning. The most recent release from 3shape, the TRIOS MOVE, offers a wireless scanning wand along with an arm and swiveling screen which makes it possible for clinicians to readily show patients the process, as well as the treatment planning.

The iTero Element Flex system is delivered as a laptop-based workstation for performing oral scans from the office of the doctor. This operation manual describes how to boot and shut down the machine to Deal with cable and the, and also to clean the scanning device and replace its sleeves

The iTero Element Flex system provides an intuitive user interface for performing digital scans for Indices or use. The physician is directed by means of text and visual aid via the arrangement. The notebook’s touch screen and also the wand buttons are used to respond to display instructions.

Benefits of this iTero Element Flex system
The Element Flex system that is iTero Offers significant advantages over present methods that are crown-production, such as higher precision that is crown-production scanning, and instant feedback through the
Scanning procedure

Streamlined Workflows with Full-Color Scans
Like most iTero Element scanners, iTero Element two and iTero Element Flex are designed to operate with present iTero orthodontic and restorative workflows, such as laboratory workflows, custom made models, open STL export, custom implant abutment and chairside milling partners. Sharp, full-color 3D scans that may be taken in as few as 60 seconds4 are generated by all of iTero Element scanners.

iTero Element Flex Features

  • -Compact footprint for transportability and convenience
  • -Custom-designed carrying case for the ultimate in mobility
  • -Enhanced color for stunning and precise imaging
  • -Perform crisp, full-color, high-definition 3D scans in as little as 60 seconds*
  • -Wand touchpad is as intuitive and easy as gesturing on your smartphone

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