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Deka MonaLisa Touch SmartXide2 Many disorders related with women’s intimate area are often overlooked and ignored because they are perceived as an inevitable consequence of a natural physiological process that occur as a result of childbirth or menopause, for which little or nothing can be done. It is thought that these disorders may have an important impact both physical discomfort (pain, burning, incontinence), and psychological, causing an adverse effect on the relationship with the partner and quality of life in general.

Deka MonaLisa Touch SmartXide2 is the new CO2 laser system specifically designed for V2 LR (VulvoVaginal Laser Reshaping) and MonaLisa Touch®, the breakthrough procedure developed by DEKA known worldwide for treating age-related and postpartum vulvovaginal troubles. A unique solution for women without the adverse side effects of drug therapies.

“The demand for functional and/or cosmetic female genital organ treatment is constantly increasing. By using the MonaLisa Touch® treatment, we consider SmartXide2 V2 LR a versatile and irreplaceable instrument for vaginal mucosa regeneration and outpatient genital surgery. I have found the system to be particularly effective, consistently ensuring excellent results and maximum comfort for my patients. With SmartXide2 we have experienced amazing improvements on atrophic mucosa as early as a month after a single treatment with immediately noticeable results for surgical correction of vulvar dysmorphism.”

Histological studies conducted on women suffering from atrophic vaginitis, have shown that the MonaLisa Touch® treatment with SmartXide2 V2 LR restores the mucosa to a pre-menopausal condition, as it would occur after an oestrogen hormone replacement therapy. This particular laser system stimulates epithelial surface and connective tissue through a physical medium rather than using drugs, basically making the vaginal mucosa younger.”

“Postpartum perineal pain following a spontaneous vaginal delivery, an instrumental delivery or related to the episiotomy is a disabling condition of women after giving birth, especially when lasting over time. For symptom relief we have successfully used the MonaLisa Touch® method which acts gently on vaginal tissues to restore the correct functionality of the treated area. First created to solve problems related to vaginal atrophy post-menopause, MonaLisa Touch® is proving also to be extremely useful and effective in other situations.


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